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Skeptosphere is a progressive rock project featuring members from Canada, Brazil and the United States.  The sonic landscape extends from bass-driven melodic lines and skillful drum passages to melodic vocal hooks, keyboard-laden soundscapes and churning guitars.

Mixed by Grammy award winning engineer, Phil Magnotti.

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Alex Tamulis - Vocals, bass

Paul Holloway - Rhythm guitars, keys

Alexandre Monari - Lead guitars

Mark Zonder - Drums

This progressive metal song is clear, powerful and chock full of exceptional musicianship. The crisp pounding of ex-Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder is the perfect canvas for the ariose explosion that is ‘Crash and Burn’. The guitars are glitzy, melodic and impeccably produced. The bassist is unafraid to walk out of the pocket, but he knows when to go back in. On top of everything, the band makes good use of synthesized noises and electronic samples which gives the song that futuristic, space age feel. These guys have tons to offer.
Crash and Burn is a very dynamic and ear catching song. Great singing and instrumentation with a killer synth solo (and much more) in less than six minutes. Can’t really compare it to any given band, but I’m sure that fans of Rush, Sound of Contact and even Asia should really get into it.