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The "we" in the banner picture above is a bit of a misnomer - by design, HNEI is a one-man company. I've been involved in NDT since 2002, from pipeline R&D to field NDT and management. Following a fascination with ultrasonic testing, I forged out on my own in 2015. I’ve been an engineer, a researcher, an NDT technician, a manager and a teacher. I’ve started projects from simple ideas and grown them into successful applications. I’ve managed people and projects and done amazing things with amazing groups of people. I’ve come to thrive on field-level work and sharing knowledge; I love being in coveralls, working hard, and being able to convey testing and engineering principles at a fundamental level. 

Paul seemed like a nice enough guy. He wouldn’t shut up about ultrasonic testing. I don’t even know what that is.
— Fed Ex delivery guy