HNEI offers NDT Level 3 services including procedure development, training, and auditing.

When you want Level 3 insight from someone who spends most of their time in the field (but not in this picture... I said "most" of the time)

Procedure Development

Procedure development, customized for your needs, done in full compliance with the codes and standards that your inspection needs to follow. A procedure is not just part of a paper trail - it's the instruction set for your technicians to follow to ensure a precise and complete inspection. Too often procedures are tedious, unreadable (unless you're a lawyer), and ignored. Then when questions arise, everyone scrambles to find it. This shouldn't be the case.  A good procedure should be visual, easy to follow, and concise.


NDT training needs to strike a balance between technicality and practicality. In the real world, it comes down to being proficient and doing the job right the first time. In ultrasonic testing, this means proper equipment selection, technique, calibration, execution and reporting. Most of all, well trained technicians are confident in their abilities.