The Evolution of the Ultrasonic Calibration Block for Piping

PH Tool and I have teamed up on the design and manufacture of a new concept for ASME piping calibration blocks. The Extended Range Variable Wall Piping Calibration Blocks (or ERVW blocks, for short) feature side drilled holes in accordance with T-434.3-2 for testing of circumferential welds. Each block has a specific machined diameter and EDM wire cut thickness steps. The end of each section is cut with a slant, which effectively eliminates corner trap reflections and allows full DAC/TCG calibrations with conventional UT or phased array. And side-drilled holes mean you can use curved wedges and still do a proper wedge delay.

With only 3 blocks, they provide coverage for 3” to 20” pipe welds. Good gravy that’s a lot of pipe!

Contact PH Tool for more information.

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