New 2018 edition of CSA W59 - Welded Steel Construction

We did it!  Proud to be part of the CSA W59 committee and the big changes related to ultrasonic testing in the most recent code update. Annex X adds the option of DAC/TCG and calibration on side-drilled holes, meaning no attenuation calculation (that pesky d=a-b-c thing).  As well, support for a wide variety of probe sizes, frequencies, and even manual PAUT is added.  Annex X includes its own acceptance criteria developed for parity with the fixed attenuation method which is still supported in Clause 8.

Summary: you can still use the old way in Clause 8 if you like. But you can also use Annex X with the following caveat: “The alternative time corrected gain (TCG) technique in accordance with Item a) ii) and manual PAUT in accordance with Item b) do not require the engineer’s approval, but shall be used only by agreement between the contractor and the welding inspection organization.”

Now get out there and scrub some welds!