New Music: Skeptosphere - Crash & Burn (feat. Mark Zonder)

Good golly, is this guy using his company website to troll for music fans? You’re damn right he is!

My good buddy Alex Tamulis (go Brazil!) and I have a progressive rock project called Skeptosphere, which roughly translates to “we both like Rush but also like pop and metal stuff and we have short attention spans for keeping the same time signature and Mark Zonder is the coolest guy in the world”. (like I said, “roughly”)

So over the past 4,000 years, he and I have been writing (and performing, as “Mine all Mine” in Edmonton… go Oilers!!!) music. So after we both moved from the ‘chuk, we decided to keep the flame alive. Skeptosphere is our progressive rock outlet.

Crash and Burn is the first Skeptosphere single, only a scant 8 years in the making which is more than we can say for Tool.

Link to the music and video below!!

(oh phbllt… and here I was thinking I was gonna see a fancy new website…)